Chinese Sculptor Guang Wu to Host International Exhibition

The Spirit of the Sea is a contemporary art gallery located in the East Village of Manhattan in Manhattan Beach, California. The location was selected as a result of a strategic marketing campaign that saw the combination of a renowned venue and gallery as a way to attract and garner attention for both contemporary art and non-conventional artistic practices. Since taking over the former tenants of the Wooster Building, the Arts Association of Los Angeles, and Galt Gallery, the organization has held many popular exhibitions and events for both domestic and international artists. Besides holding regular solo and group shows, the Spirit of the Sea has also decided to feature solo Artists from China and Vietnam in addition to a wide selection of solo exhibits from different disciplines.

While the primary goal of the organization may be to showcase contemporary art through solo exhibits and group shows, the organization has also decided to focus on the promotion of independent artists and sculptors as well. This is evident in the highly publicized fellowship between the Galt Gallery and Spirit of the Sea. This year’s edition of the award-winning annual Spirit of the Sea exhibition will feature eighteen works by twenty-nine different artists, bringing the number of artist participation to a full forty-two. In the same vein as other major contemporary art events such as the Whitney Biennial in Chicago or the Saatchi Gallery in London, the Spirit of the Sea is primarily interested in bringing respected and up-and-coming artists to the forefront of the public eye. By inviting established and emerging talent to participate and showcase their work, the organization hopes to create a forum for discussion between art enthusiasts while highlighting the work of talented new artists and allowing art collectors to become familiar with new talent that may not have been visible during traditional art showings and auctions.

One of the featured artists who will be participating in the Spirit of the Sea this year is Guang Wu, a Chinese sculptor whose work originally originated in Fujian province. The early work of Wu can be found in his younger years, as he developed an interest in traditional Chinese ceramics which would influence his later work. While living and working in Beijing, Wu decided to pursue a career in sculpture after having an opportunity to study traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy at university. Today, Wu serves as a sculptor and teacher at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sculpture. With over thirty years of experience sculpting both men and women, it is no wonder that Wu’s work has gained a considerable following both domestically and internationally.