Fake IDs Open Up a New World

Oh yes, being young, enjoying the laziness of life without too much responsibility and many friends. But, yes, there is a, but the only downside is that sometimes you are too young. So, although dreaming of being old, you still want to be young when you are old.

Strange how things work, right! Still, there is no time machine to make your age change. But when you are young, there is one thing that can make you pretend you are any age you want the fake ID. Yes, it is a journey all young adults will take to test their boundaries when restricting adventures and having fun.  

While it might sound like a myth or even the holy grail as you once heard your older friends and siblings using them. The best part is the fake IDs of ID God are acceptable and legal for you to not miss out on some great opportunities.

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So, you can also enjoy a new world opening up to you as a fake ID will allow you to enter places you have never dreamed of before.

You Can Get Access to Bars and Clubs

As an underage person, you will not be able to enter the hottest bars and clubs found on 21st street. But with a fake ID, the doors will open up for you to enjoy some real mischief across the globe. Yes, not everyone is blessed to hit puberty in early life.

You may have a six-foot-five frame with lush hair or even a grizzly beard from school. But, the best part is that with a premium fake ID with a push-up bra and even a beard, you can enter some of those talked about clubs.

Enjoy Getting Discounts

Yes, when you leave college or the university to enter the real world of suits ad filing, one thing falls away, discounts. You do not get any discounted cinema tickets to even a half-price burger. No, not even that new laptop has a high price.

Yes, you live in a cruel and hostile world, as you need to pay the total costs. But with a fake ID, even after you graduate, you can still use it to feel young and enjoy discounts. Those are the perks you can enjoy with a student ID card.

Even if you did not go to university or college, you could still use your fake ID out of high school while working to benefit from the discounts with a fake student ID card. 

Start The Dating Game

Yes, impressing someone you like is not always easy when there is a considerable age difference. So, if you do not look at your age part that person will most likely find you suspicious. Hence, if it is your first date telling an innocent lie is not that huge as first impressions count.

The greatest part is you have proof with your fake ID of your age. Thus, you can show that person your personality, which they can enjoy or reject. But always remember to respect that person even if you used a phony ID. Ensure that you bring your right age up in a conversation at the right moment.

You Can Rent a Car

Okay, you have a driver’s license and legally drive. Still, when you rent from a rental company, you need to be 18 and older, depending on your country. But why let such a rule stand in your way if you want to enjoy a trip. You see yourself and your buddies with music blaring with the convertible top down rented with your fake ID. You will be your friends’ hero for life.

No Limits is Using a Fake ID

There are no limits to using your fake ID, no matter your age. So you can be 17, or you can be 55. Having one is the way to go. At 17 you can visit some of the hottest nightclubs while at 55 you can enter the bingo hall and even get elderly discounts. Now that you know what you can do, it has never been easier to get one.

Getting a Fake ID is Easy 

You have your reasons why you want a fake ID, but the question is, where do you buy one. The fantastic thing is that you do not need to do any barcode replication or photocopying. The fake IDs you get today you can obtain right here at ID God, and all of them are created sophisticated.

Firstly, fake ID vendors use high-quality technology to create realistic holograms on the ID card. So you find the most little details available looking as if it was given to you by the government. Secondly, the price is very affordable, and your fake looks like the real one.

You will be surprised how your friends will even believe you. Thirdly, the ordering process is done with a few clicks. All you do is provide the information and upload your pic and signature. The important thing is the photo needs to be clear.

There is no need for you to cut or paste or laminate your card as everything is done for you. You even get reliable online customer support to answer all your questions. So, you are informed by email from the time of ordering until your card is shipped for delivery.

Therefore, why not experiment with how your life-like fake ID works. Even paying for your card is safe and straightforward. Most counterfeit ID websites provide you with encrypted payments to make sure you and they remain anonymous.

Some payment methods include paying through PayPal, Bitcoin, or using an Amazon or Google Gift Card. Great, but how do you buy Bitcoin and use it to pay for your fake ID card?

Buying Bitcoins to Pay for Your Fake ID

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is through a Bitcoin platform, and it is fast and reliable. You can buy or sell Bitcoins at Local Bitcoins in many different ways. For example, you can do a cash deposit or a bank transfer. You can even use PayPal in a couple of steps.

The platform is one of the easiest ways to do things anonymously. It is a peer-to-peer platform allowing you to send a dollar amount to any trader of choice. Once you make a payment, you receive your Bitcoin to use as you please.

Only Three Steps:

  1. You register yourself at a platform that provides Bitcoins to create an e-wallet.
  2. You pick your reliable trader to open up trade with them.
  3. Next, you receive the Bitcoins into your wallet.

Once you have your Bitcoins, you send it to the address provided by the fake ID vendor at the checkout. Now, you copy-paste your individual address into the receiving address field at the Local Bitcoin provider.

When the receiving address receives the Bitcoins, your order automatically updates and is sent to the production line. The process takes about an hour and is an easy yet fast payment method to use on most fake ID markets.

Other Ways to Buy Bitcoin

You can also use a LibertyX ATM, BTC ATM, Coinbase, or Coinmama to buy your Bitcoins. It is quickly done using a debit or your credit card. With Coinbase and Coinmama, you can buy your Bitcoin directly on your smartphone using your credit card. The only downside of using these platforms is that you need to provide your identification. It can take several days to a week to open an account with them.

Wrapping Things Up

Having a fake ID opens up a new world with exciting things, even discounts, no matter your age. But always remember, as a young adult, drink responsibly and never go overboard using your fake ID. Always be cautious. When you hand that ID to the bouncer at the door, keep your pose and act your age. Also, make sure you know all the details on that ID if they start asking questions.